HO 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper Cars

HO 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper Cars are detailed, ready-to-run models perfect for adding a touch of realism to your model train layout. These cars were once commonly used to haul coal and aggregates from the 1930s to the 1970s and even beyond.


  • Crisp details and sharp painting and printing for a realistic look
  • Metal wheels and knuckle couplers for smooth operation on your layout

Price: $29.95 each (pre-order)

Pre-Order Due Date: May 31, 2024

Delivery Expected: Spring 2025

Available Roadnames:

  • Atlantic Coast Line
  • Baltimore & Ohio
  • Central Railroad of New Jersey
  • Chesapeake & Ohio
  • Delaware & Hudson
  • Lehigh Valley
  • Reading Anthracite
  • Reading
  • Western Maryland

Where to Buy

Several online retailers offer pre-orders for HO 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper Cars, including direct from Bowser Trains.

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