WalthersProto Releases New EMD SD70M, SD75M & SD75I Locomotives!

Three new, detailed models join the WalthersProto lineup!

WalthersProto has unveiled a fantastic new series of EMD SD70M, SD75M, and SD75I diesel locomotives, bringing these iconic workhorses to life in detail and pricepoint.


  • All-New Tooling: These models are brand new, featuring accurate representations of the SD70M, SD75M, and SD75I locomotives.
  • Correct North American Safety Cab: Each model boasts the proper North American safety cab design for added realism.
  • Flush Radiators: Early production unit accuracy is achieved with the inclusion of flush radiators.
  • DCC & Sound or Standard DC: Choose your preference with ESU Sound & DCC for DCC or DC layouts, or opt for the standard DC version. Standard DC models come with pre-wired speakers for easy sound system installation later.
  • Accurate Trucks: HTCR-1a or HTCR-1b trucks are included depending on the specific prototype.
  • Brass Details: A beautiful Brass Nathan K5 air horn adds a touch of class.
  • Treadplate Detail: Walkways feature realistic treadplate detailing.
  • Minimum Radius: Operates on curves as tight as 18 inches, although 22 inches or larger is recommended for optimal performance.
  • LED Lighting: High or low headlights, working ditch lights, and constant and directional lighting provide excellent visibility.
  • Fully Assembled: Ready to run out of the box!

ESU Sound & DCC Equipped Versions:

The ESU Sound & DCC versions offer exceptional features for DCC or DC powered layouts:

  • Selectable Air Horns: Choose from four air horns (K5LAR24, P5R24, K3LA2, and K3L) via CVs.
  • Selectable Bells: Select from a Graham E-bell or a Steel Bell using CVs.
  • 21-Pin DCC Plug: Compatible with DCC systems.

Standard DC Versions:

Standard DC versions are also available for layouts without DCC.

Powerful Drive Train:

Both ESU Sound & DCC and Standard DC models share a robust drive train featuring:

  • 5-Pole Skew-Wound Motor: Delivers smooth, reliable performance.
  • 14:1 Gear Ratio: Provides excellent pulling power.
  • Helical-Cut Gears: Ensures quiet operation and easy multiple unit operation.
  • All-Wheel Drive & Electrical Pickup: Maximizes traction and power delivery.
  • Dual Machined Brass Flywheels: Offers exceptional momentum.
  • Heavy Die Cast Metal Chassis: Provides durability and weight for realistic performance.

Additional Details:

  • Cab Interior: Adds a touch of realism to the interior.
  • 5000-Gallon Fuel Tank: Features road-specific details for enhanced accuracy.
  • Standard Bell: Located on the conductor’s side for added realism.
  • Molded Drill Starter Points: Easily add grab irons using the SD70-Series Diesel Detail Kit (sold separately).
  • Correct Size RP-25 Metal Wheels: Ensure smooth operation on your track.
  • Proto MAX™ Magnetic Metal Knuckle Couplers: Provide reliable coupling.


  • ESU Sound & DCC: $229.98 Each
  • Standard DC: $169.98 Each

These new EMD SD70M, SD75M, and SD75I locomotives from WalthersProto are a must-have for any serious model railroader. With their exceptional detail, powerful drive train, and DCC & sound capabilities (on equipped models), they’re sure to add realism and excitement to your layout!

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